The Biden pets did not kill 400,000 people - we promise!

We recently discovered a very Kafkaesque article about The Oval Pawffice. It was written back in January by Ms. Gita Jackson for Vice and it's titled "'The Oval Pawffice Is the First Truly Terrible Account of the Biden Era". The subtitle reads: "Over 400,000 people have died from COVID-19 in America. But the president's got some cute puppers I guess."

Photo by Adam Schultz / White House

We don't know if we should laugh or cry.. or both. As hilariously absurd the article is from the get-go, it is hosted by what we considered a decent media outlet. For a brief moment we even thought it's some kind of elevated sarcasm, aimed at other critics of our account - but no, Ms. Jackson is being serious.

About the "truly terrible account" part in the context of so many COVID victims, we would argue that there are a myriad of other VERIFIED, public persons’ accounts advising people to take horse deworming medicine, promoting vaccine and mask wearing reluctance / refusal etc. We humbly believe that such accounts "beat" The Oval Pawffice in the race for the first place on the podium of terrible accounts. Those accounts, some belonging to politicians who were elected to protect Americans, KILL people. We think THAT IS TRULY TERRIBLE.

In contrast, President Biden could not have been clearer about the incommensurable importance of COVID vaccinations.

Similarly, despite the fact that we are a dog fan account, we have always done the social responsible thing and urged our online community of friends to get vaccinated, wear masks and practice social distancing. Such tweets are public and surely not too hard to find, even by Ms. Jackson.

The article continues with a convoluted rant about Bush, Obama and the the Georgia election, and then: "President Joe Biden promised voters $2000 stimulus checks if they voted for him. He has already downgraded that promise. But he's got some cute puppers right? Look at those doggos." We have no idea what to "woof" other than reiterating @TheOvalPawffice is a dog fan account aiming, most of the time, to post light content, fun stuff and cute photos, a notion that seems beyond the reach of the author. Also, the President - any president - can not implement budgetary measures solely on his/her/their own. Thankfully, omnipotence is not a trait of the Presidency as an institution in this country: America is (still) a democracy.

Ms. Jackson then moves on to suggesting again that somehow we don’t care people are dying because of COVID, while at the same time accusing us of being too liberal – which implies we support masks and vaccines as all liberals do. Critical thinking abilities seem to have been lost entirely by now. The author then paraphrases Kim Kardashian: "People are dying!" - We know, we're sorry, it's not our fault. You're barking at the wrong tree. Also, as far as pets go, we are bipawrtisan: all we care about is animal welfare and adoptions versus buying pets. If the next POTUS is Republican and they have a pet, we'll change the 46 on our logo to 47, have a peaceful transfer of "pawer" and continue our mission in the same manner.

What is indeed upsetting, and really the only thing we truly take a big issue with, is the implication that we’re taking in stride the horrible reality of the industrial prison complex. It almost feels like Ms. Jackson is very subtly implying we’re racist: "Politics and fandom have always intersected in uncomfortable and embarrassing ways, and the internet encourages this behavior. But you should care a little more about the wellbeing of your fellow man than whoever runs the Oval Pawffice account, which sent out this "humorous'' fake press release in the wake of Biden signing executive orders meant to rectify the violent history of racism in the United States."

And THAT implication we refute with all we have, especially since we tweeted again and again, on numerous occasions, where we stand. To even have to explain our position seems redundant. And yes, black kitties and black pets in general are the least adopted. We thought it's a good idea to follow the President's lead and do something similar, in a lighter manner, to promote our belief that ALL pets, regardless of color or breed purity, should be treated with the same degree of love and respect. Also, that was not a press release, we always use #PawsRelease when we do those.

Lastly, Ms. Jackson adds, in the same slandering and derogatory tone: "What bothers me about the Oval Pawffice is that it's selling merch. The proceeds go towards animal related charities, but it still makes this Twitter account yet another liberal grift, designed to take money away from well meaning people in exchange for free advertisement for a Twitter account." We don't really follow the logic here, but we're not even trying, to be honest. The logic ship has sailed a long time ago as far as this entire Vice article is concerned. There are many pet accounts out there selling merch, not donating a single cent. Also, the "free advertisement" part is beyond us: we actually refused ALL offers to promote commercial products / brands on our social media accounts because there were certain rules involved and we would very much like to be able to continue speaking up for truth, facts and animals without any constraints. If we ever accept such offers, proceeds will go to animal charities, given that contractual obligations would not muzzle us in any way - because that's a deal breaker.

We did not link Ms. Jackson's article here because frankly, we do not want to give Vice / Motherboard thousands of page clicks and implicitly, "free advertisement". As far as we know, they don't donate to any charities. We do promise to address the author's latest article about The Oval Pawffice and the Kabul pets in the "pupcoming" days though - yes, there's a new article out there, same author, same bias. And we're being "promoted" from "terrible" to "one of the worst accounts on the internet".

To conclude: we might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we don't think we're "cringe-inducing" or "terrible" either: we donate to animal welfare organizations, we do not cause any harm, we do not steal, we do not lie, we got many pets adopted through our platform, with one tweet we got Barnes & Noble to donate part of the @MajorBidenBook proceeds to shelters (massive amount we presume, as the children’s book sold across the country and then the world, in several languages as the book became an international bestseller). We promoted and added the Major Presidential Pup book on our website too, just to help shelters get more funds, we have no incentive - financial or otherwise - for doing that. We have a direct donation button at the top of our homepage so that people visiting can donate directly to the animal charity we fundraise for that particular month. We promote adoption/fostering versus buying, love, equality and we generally try to help whenever and however we can. That's probably why we’ve been included as a case study in an animal welfare law book by professor and animal rights lawyer Victoria Shroff - one of our proudest moments.

We are a bit jealous of Ms. Jackson, as she must be living in an alternative, almost perfect world if she considers The Oval Pawffice "one of the worst accounts on the internet". We wish we had access to that reality too. For now, we'll focus on trying to do what little we can to help and change things here, in this world where a 13 year old dog - Champ Biden - was attacked by Newsmax TV for being "ugly", shelters are full, wildlife are losing their habitat and too many animals and humans are suffering.

Major, Winston, Charlie and Poppet

The Oval Pawffice

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